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Canyon Lake Master Plan Revision

The Canyon Lake and neighboring areas have experienced tremendous growth over the last decade.  This trend is expected to continue with new residents moving in and tourism reaching the thousands each year.  



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Over the last few years, businesses have shown an increased interest in WORD offering an online payment option to remit quarterly taxes. This project has actually been on our radar for quite some time and our goal is to bring it to fruition this year. 

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Monthly Siren Testing

The first monthly siren testing will be on Tuesday, April 12; thereafter, testing will occur on the first Tuesday of each month between 10-11am.  

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Canyon Lake Fish Habitat Project

TPWD is planning another fish habitat project on Canyon Lake next month. Cedar trees will be cut down, bundled together, and secured to a cinder block for deployment out on the lake.  


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This year’s Fun Fish event was perhaps our best year ever.  It didn’t bring in the numbers that 2014 did, but it was the smoothest and most enjoyable event  by far.  There were close to 2,000 people in attendance and 226 recorded fish were caught.  


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With the help of LCRA, a single white line of buoys running down the center of Canyon Lake were set on October 27.  The buoys are numbered 1-12 with solar lights attached to the top and are for informational purposes only, not to identify the river channel. One of the main purposes of this system is to assist Fire/EMS and law enforcement in responding to emergencies on the lake. Below are the GPS coordinates for each buoy:


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The new sign on River Rd. was recently installed and it looks FABULOUS! This project has been in the works for quite awhile and was funded by WORD of Comal County. Lakescapes built the rock structure and the sign was made by Brushmaster Graphics. For the final touch, Bobby Barclay with Lakescapes donated the materials and manpower for the landscaping.  During the September 19 cleanup event, volunteers showed up to help get those beautiful plants in the ground.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone that made this project possible!


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In September, WORD completed the flood warning system project from Canyon Lake into New Braunfels.  Funding partners on the system are WORD, New Braunfels, Comal County, and Guadalupe County. This system has two components, river gauges and sirens.

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Current Boat Ramp Status

There are 23 boat ramps located around Canyon Lake. The chart below lists each ramp, location, and status. For a printable version of Canyon Lake and location of ramps, fees, and operators, click here.  

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Informational Buoys Coming to Canyon Lake

After hearing concerns from law enforcement and safety agencies who respond to boating accidents, disabled vessels, and medical emergencies on Canyon Lake, WORD has taken on a project to aid boaters in knowing where they are on the lake during the day and at night. The project consists of two parts. First, a line of numbered buoys on the water stretching from west to east in the approximate center of the lake. These buoys are for informational purposes only and do not denote hazards or a clear channel, although they will be placed for the most part on the old river channel which is generally the deepest part of the lake.

The second part of the project is to place large reflective signage at every boat ramp around the lake facing out towards the water. This will aid people in both knowing where they are and finding the ramp they launched from. WORD expects this project to be completed by the first part of June.

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