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Summer Job Opening

WORD is seeking mature, reliable persons to work as attendants at the
horseshoe river entrances (FM 2673 at FM 306).  The job includes handing out
mesh bags to floaters, explaining the river rules, and discussing safety
information.  The job is on weekends and Holidays throughout the summer.
$10/hour. Apply by emailing or calling (830) 907-2300.

Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful Spring Cleanup Event


It’s time to grab that trash picker and head out to pick up some garbage!  KCLB is participating in the DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS TRASH-OFF, Texas' signature event for the Great American Cleanup, the nation's largest community improvement program held annually each year from March 1 - May 31. This community wide cleanup event is scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2015 starting at 9am.

Individuals, families, organizations, schools, and businesses are invited to participate.  We will be picking up trash along popular roadways, boat ramps, trails and parks.  Last fall was a huge success with over 100 volunteers cleaning the shoreline of Canyon Lake and the Horseshoe at FM 306. 

 Let's work together to clean up our beautiful area!  Supplies and lunch will be provided.  To sign up, contact Susan at (830)907-2300 or email  

Fun Fish was so much FUN!

WORD’s 19th Annual Fun Fish Event was a huge success with over 1,000 people in attendance. It was a chilly, overcast day, but families still came out to enjoy a fun day of FREE fishing on the Guadalupe River at Camp Huaco Springs. There were free hot dogs, chips, and water for everyone. Registered kiddos received a free t-shirt, bait, tackle, and a loaner fishing pole.  Trophies were awarded for the longest fish caught in each age category and medals were given out to every child that caught a fish. Cash prizes were given on the spot for catching a tagged fish.

There were over 2,000 fish stocked the day of the event. Barrett Spaar, the grand prize winner, caught the longest fish - a 32" carp weighing in at 9lbs. This is considered a waterbody record and also a catch-and-release record since the fish was released after certified by Marcos De Jesus with Texas Parks & Wildlife. Congratulations Barrett!

Every year we have some of the most dedicated people come out to help with Fun Fish, and this year was no exception.  There were over 100 students and adults show up to assist in various capacities.  Thank you for all your help.  We couldn’t have done it without you! In addition to the many volunteers, area businesses come forward to help out as well.  We would like to recognize the following businesses for their contribution to this year’s event:

Camp Huaco Springs, Rust Game Place, TPWD, GVTC, Cabela’s, New Braunfels Video & Photography (NBVAP), High Sierra Toilet Company, Progressive Waste, Crosswalk Coffeehouse, Lowe’s Supermarket, Culligan Water, Union Pacific, and Pure Party Ice. 

More pictures will be on WORD’s Facebook page. NBVAP will also have a video of the event available for viewing soon. We hope everyone had a good time and hope to see you next year!

Guadalupe River Flood Siren System

About a year ago, WORD staff sat down with Comal County, the City of New Braunfels, and Guadalupe County.  The topic was collecting river data to be used in times of flooding, and we were considering funding additional USGS gauges along the river to provide data at places it was not being collected.

The question came up of whether there was a way to obtain real-time data rather than delayed data, since when the heavy rains come, there is often very little time to take action.  WORD put out a Request For Proposal to vendors and brought the results back to the group.  After a long process of discussion, a funding partnership was formed between these four entities to cover the over $300,000 project.  WORD has just entered into a contract with High Sierra Electronics for installation of a Local Flood Warning System.

This system will be comprised of 8 river gauge stations: One above Canyon Lake, 5 at the bridges from FM 306 down through River Road to 1st crossing, and 2 in the City of New Braunfels.

The gauges in the WORD District will include large warning sirens which can be set off automatically (Only if multiple readings agree that the river is rising past pre-set levels), or manually by Emergency Management officials if needed.  These stations will also have rain gauges.

The data will be sent through Comal County's base station and our hope is to have it available online to all within 3-5 minutes of real time.

The work is slated to begin in January and may be finished as early as April 1, with the plan being to be fully tested and operational before summer 2015 starts.

This system will replace and improve upon the existing system of local campground sirens.


Fun Fish Art Design Contest

Students in the community and local elementary schools were invited to participate in WORD’s 2nd annual Fun Fish art design contest. 

The Fun Fish committee looked at over 75 entries and finally narrowed it down to Cole Douglass, a 5th grade student at Johnson Ranch Elementary.  His design will go on the back of the Fun Fish t-shirts that are given out to registered participants at the 19th Annual Fun Fish Event held in February.

Ms. Cowsert kept it a secret and didn’t tell her students which design was selected or that WORD Staff was coming to the school.  It was quite a surprise to the class when we showed up to present Cole with a $100 Wal-Mart gift card in front of his class mates.  The kids came up with some great ideas and did a wonderful job creating  designs that were original and incredibly funny.  

Congratulations Cole and thank you to everyone that participated—hope to see you all at Fun Fish!


Current Boat Ramp Status

There are 23 boat ramps located around Canyon Lake.   Due to declining water elevations, certain ramps have been closed.  The chart below lists each ramp, location, and status as of November 11, 2014 or for a printable version of Canyon Lake and location of ramps, fees, and operators, click here.  

Other sites with information on Canyon Lake boat ramps:

-Comal County Road Department-Boat Ramps
-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

 1 Canyon Lake Village Open
 2 Canyon Lake Village West Closed
 3  Comal Park East Closed 
 4 Comal Park West Closed
 5 Canyon Lake Forest Closed
 6 Canyon Lake Hills 1-East Open
 7  Canyon Lake Hills 2-West Closed
 8  Canyon Springs Resort Closed
 9 Cranes Mill Marina Closed
 10 Cranes Mill Park Closed
 11 Cypress Cove-Rebecca Creek Closed
 12 Lake Canyon Yacht Club Open
 13 Randolph AFB Closed
 14 Jacob's Creek 1 Open 
 15 Jacob's Creek 2 Open
 16 Ft. Sam Houston Closed
 17 Little Jacob's Creek Open
 18 Canyon Park Campground Closed
 19 Canyon Park Marina Open
 20 Potter's Creek East Open
 21 Potter's Creek West Open
 22 Canyon Lake Shores Closed
 23 N. Cranes Mill-Mystic Shores Closed

Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful 2014 Fall Clean Up Event

Nearly 100 volunteers signed up to collect trash along the shoreline of Canyon Lake and the Horseshoe on the Guadalupe River this month.  Two separate cleanup events were planned for volunteers to go out and pick-up trash off the waterways.

Approximately 30+ volunteers from Close to Home 4H Club showed up to clean the Horseshoe on October 9. They collected a total of 46 bags of trash and other large debris. This is a highly visited area during the summer months with tons of trash left behind from locals and visitors. Event organizer and WORD board member Jennifer Bretzke arranged for the use of kayaks, supplies, shuttle service, and a location to take out all the trash.  Close to Home 4H Club did an incredible job picking up trash off of this popular stretch of river.

There were over 60 volunteers in the second cleanup that met on October 18 at various locations around the lake.  Volunteers were able to access the shoreline through boat ramps and Corps parks.  They collected over 200 yellow mesh bags of trash.  Everyone did a wonderful job and worked hard to get as much trash picked up as possible.  The following  groups/individuals that helped with the lake cleanup are  Canyon Lake Divers, CLHS Octagon Club, CL Fire/EMS, Mountain Valley NJHS, lake area residents, Saddle Slappers 4H Club, WORD staff, and Board Member Doug Carver.  After a morning of walking the shoreline, many of the volunteers headed back to the WORD office for a pizza lunch. 

THANK YOU to the following businesses for donating services, supplies and food to the cleanup:  Canyon Lake Divers, Italian Garden, Lowe's Supermarket, Rio Raft, and WORD of COMAL COUNTY.

This cleanup event was a huge success with over 250 bags of trash collected from both cleanup days. Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to help. It was a lot of fun and quite impressive to see that many people show up and take pride in our area. The next event is scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2015.  Call the WORD office at 830-907-2300 for more details or to sign up.


Alternate Routes to Canyon Lake

During busy summer months, there is a high volume of traffic coming into Canyon Lake due to concerts and holiday weekends. To avoid delays, refer to this map for alternate routes into the WORD district. For information on Whitewater Amphitheater's concert schedule, visit their website at

Water Safety Events this Summer

The South Central Texas Water Safety Coalition  (SCTWSC) seeks to improve water safety knowledge and practices amongst all recreationalists through education and awareness programs, outreach events, and inter-agency cooperation, cost and resource sharing.  The goal of these programs is to reduce or eliminate water-related accidents and drownings within the region.  The Coalition is comprised of local agencies that bring fun and educational activities to adults and kids through events such as Fun Fish, Thru the Chute, Progressive Agriculture Safety Day, river and lake activities, and Junior Deputy Academy. Each year the Coalition teaches hundreds of kids and adults how to be safe in and around the water. 
 Participants play games that reinforce water safety practices including how to select and put on a life jacket, saving  Buddy Bob by using a throw rope (sometimes wearing fatal vision goggles at the same time), kayaking, and answering water trivia questions. Participants receive cool prizes like frisbees, koozies, water bottles, and water boxes. For more information about upcoming events this summer, visit the SCTWSC website at  If you would like to be a part of this FUN and exciting organization, call the WORD office at (830)907-2300.  Have a safe summer and remember:  THINK, DON'T SINK!

Tri-County Reverse 911 Emergency Notification

In the event there is a man-made or natural disaster in the area, local officials have the ability to send emergency messages to all standard voice and text communication devices you register, making you aware of situations and giving instructions on how to respond by using a “Reverse 911” emergency call-out system. It's a quick and easy process that takes only minutes to complete.  To begin receiving alerts, you must register by going to and click on the link that says "Register Here with the Regional Emergency Notification Service."  Don't forget to log in to your email that was used during the registration process to activate your account.