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Canyon Park is a 485- acre park located on the north shore of Canyon Lake. This lakefront park is currently open from March through October as a day-use only facility. Canyon Park has picnic sites, one boat ramp, a pea gravel and sand beach, and restrooms throughout the park. The park encompasses Canyon Swim Beach #1, Swim Beach #2, and the Madrone Trail.

Park Information

Location: 1769 Canyon Park Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133.

Swim Beach # 1

Entrance Fees

  • $5 per vehicle with Comal County registration sticker

  • $20 per Non-Comal County registered vehicle

  • Cash/Debit Card/Mastercard/Visa/American Express accepted

  • $1 Card Processing Fee Applies

Hours of Operation

Operating Season:  March 1 – September 30

  • March – CLOSED

  • April – September:

    •  TBD Determined – Please call (830) 907-2300 for current operating hours.

  • October: CLOSED


  • Community Grills

  • Volleyball Court

  • Soccer Goals

  • Bathrooms

  • Tetherball

Swim Beach #2 – CLOSED

Due to low water levels, Swim Beach #2 is closed.

Entrance Fees:

  • $5 per vehicle with Comal County registration sticker

  • $20 per Non-Comal County registered vehicle

  • Cash Only

Operating Season – Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend

Located across the street from Swim Beach #1

Canyon Park (Areas 2, 3 & 4)

Entrance Fees

  • $5 per vehicle with Comal County registration sticker

  • $20 per Non-Comal County registered vehicle

  • Cash/Debit Card/Mastercard/Visa/American Express accepted

  • $1 Card Processing Fee Applies

Hours of Operation

Operating Season:  March 1 – October 31

  • March 1st – March 29th: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (no entry after 4:00 pm)

  • March 30th -September 30th: 7:00 am – 7:30 pm (no entry after 6 pm)

  • October: (Friday – Sunday) 8:00 am – 7:30 pm (no entry after 6 pm)


  • Boat Ramp 18 IS OPEN

  • Picnic sites

  • Bathrooms

  • Volleyball Court

  • Soccer

  • Tetherball

Madrone Trail

Hours of Operation:

Every day: 6 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.*

*Please note that during high peak times of park visitation; staff may have to limit the parking availability at the Madrone Trail. Madrone Trail visitors can access the trail through Canyon Park, located at the end of Canyon Park Road, past the marina.

Pavilions 1, 2, and 3 Locations

  • Pavilion 1: Across Swim Beach 1

  • Pavilion 2: Inside Canyon Park

  • Pavilion 3: Inside Canyon Park
To reserve a pavilion, complete the  Pavilion Rental Agreement and email it to

*Sending an email does not guarantee rental.

Pavilion Information


  • Pavilion 1: $350 (Does not include deposit)

  • Pavilion 2: $250 (Does not include deposit)
  • Pavilion 3: $250 (Does not include deposit)

A $100 refundable deposit is required to secure a pavilion rental. Refundable only if the pavilion is clean, all trash has been properly disposed of, and there is no damage to the site. Deposit will be refunded within 72 hours, if no issues are found.

Canyon Park & Swim Beach Rules

  • No drop-offs

  • No exit and re-entry

  • No walk-ins

  • No unaccompanied minors (Under age 16)

  • No glass

  • No Styrofoam

  • No Jello shots

  • All dogs on leash at all times

  • No Cascarones/ confetti eggs

  • No personal charcoal or wood grills

  • No drones, overnight camping, metal detectors, RVs/campers , golf carts/ATVs, personal mobility vehicles (PMVs), gas powered personal vehicles (dirt bikes, mini bikes, etc.), or buses

  • No commercial activity/soliciting without written approval or contract with W.O.R.D. of Comal County.

Canyon Park Frequently Asked Questions

Will the park be open year-round?2024-04-08T14:48:15-05:00

We plan to be open April 1 – Sept. 30, the same way the Corps has been operating. We will assess the need for and ability to be open for longer periods after the first year and make a decision at that time.

Can I rent a pavilion when the park is closed?2024-04-08T14:47:41-05:00

No, unfortunately the entire park will be closed including pavilions during the off season.

What other parks does WORD manage?2024-04-08T14:47:23-05:00

Nichols Landing and Comal Park. Please visit our parks page for more information.

Can I use the boat ramps during the off season?2024-04-08T14:47:09-05:00

No. All sections of the park are closed during the off season.

If I leave the park can I come back in for free?2024-04-08T14:47:06-05:00

No. Once you have left the park you will need to repay the entrance fee.

Can I swap items or people with someone who is in the park?2024-04-08T14:46:12-05:00

No. You may not exchange items with someone inside the park.

Will my Corps/America the Beautiful pass be honored?2024-04-08T14:46:04-05:00

The Corps participated in a variety of annual passes for which they received revenue or were allocated tax dollars for. WORD has not and does not receive any of those dollars. So, WORD cannot honor any passes sold through America the Beautiful, Corps annual pass, or other means.

What other rules should I be aware of?2024-04-08T14:46:00-05:00

We do not allow drones, overnight camping, metal detectors, RVs/campers, golf carts/ATVs, and buses.

What is the park entry fee?2024-04-08T14:45:35-05:00

The rates to enter the park are listed below:

  • $20 per vehicle for out of County visitors
  • $5 per vehicle with Comal County registration sticker
  • Disabled Veteran (DV) License plates will be allowed free entry.

The only way to receive the $5 per car entry is to have a Comal County registration on the windshield, we will not be accepting drivers licenses or any other proof of residence for reduced entry. This is done in order to streamline the process of moving cars into the park and cut down on traffic backups onto the county roadways.

Is there a discounted rate for locals or seniors?2024-04-08T14:45:32-05:00

As we go into 2022, we will evaluate and adjust our rates as needed so that we are covering all costs. WORD does not want to make a profit on the park and is committed to providing it as a recreational resource for the community and for visitors. At that time, we may be able to offer things like annual passes, senior discounts, or local discounts. Until we have real numbers to draw from, this is unfortunately not possible in year one.

When will the park be open?2024-04-08T14:45:30-05:00

Sections of Canyon Park will be open beginning April 1, 2021. Some sections of the park will remain closed while improvements take place. Many sections of the park have been closed for years, and it will take time to bring them back online.

What types of improvements is WORD making?2024-04-08T14:43:57-05:00

WORD has already extended and improved the Swim Beach #1 area and added a sand beach section. A sand volleyball court, soccer goals, and grills will be added to this area as well. Inside Canyon Park, the courtesy dock will be repaired, drainage improved, bathrooms repaired, and the entire park will be cleaned thoroughly. Grills have been ordered to replace the fire grills. Many future improvements are planned and will be announced as they are completed.

The frequency of Park trash cleanup has been tripled and crews are working to clean and trim the peninsula area. Trash bags will be handed out to all visitors and a zero-tolerance policy on littering will be in place. Extra law enforcement patrols have been scheduled to keep all park visitors safe.

Can I make a reservation for myself or family members? How do I reserve a picnic table?2024-04-08T14:43:56-05:00

For the first year of operation, Canyon Park and Swim Beach #1 will be a first-come, first-serve day-use facility. We do not take reservations for parking or picnic tables. You may not pay for someone in advance when you arrive at the park.

Can I make a reservation for a Pavilion/ Group Shelter?2024-04-08T14:43:33-05:00

To reserve a pavilion for the 2022 park season, please complete the  Pavilion Rental Agreement and email it to

If I leave the park and return to a “Park Full” sign, can I re-enter?2024-04-08T14:43:33-05:00

No. If you leave the park for any reason and we have reached capacity by the time you return; you will not be granted access to the park. Take all your belongings with you before you leave the park. Do not leave any people or items in the park.

What does “Park Full” mean?2024-04-08T14:43:30-05:00

When we have reached capacity in the park no one will be granted access into the park. There will no longer be an option to wait. You must turn around if the park is full. This is done to avoid traffic backups on the roadways.

Are propane grills allowed?2024-04-08T14:30:27-05:00

Yes, personal propane grills are allowed at the park, but not personal charcoal grills. You may also bring your own bag of charcoal. In Canyon Park we will be installing grills at each site. At Swim Beach #1 you may use one of the community grills we have available.

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