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 Comal Park is open every day until the end of October. The park is a first-come, first-served DAY-USE only facility.

No entries will be permitted into the park once the gatehouse is closed (1.5 hours before the park closes).


Comal Park

Comal Park is a 116- acre park located on the South shore of Canyon Lake near Startzville. This lakefront park is currently open from March through October as a first- come, first-serve day-use only facility. No reservation is required to enter the park.

Comal Park has picnic sites, two boat ramps, a pea gravel and sand swim beach, a playground, and restrooms throughout the park. The park has a variety of recreational activities including a sand volleyball court, soccer goals, and four washer pits.


  • Playground
  • Picnic Sites
  • Community Grill Areas
  • Boat Ramp 3 & 4
  • Volleyball Court
  • Soccer Goals
  • Washer Pits
  • Kayak & SUP Rentals (additional fees apply)
Comal Park

Park Information

Location: 1178 Comal Park Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

The entrance fees: 

  • $10 per non-County vehicle
  • $5 per vehicle with Comal County registration ONLY

Hours of Operation:

Gatehouse Hours

  • March & October: 10 AM – 4:30 PM
  • April through September: 8 AM – 6 PM

No new entries will be permitted an hour and a half before the park closes.

Park Hours

  • March & October: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • April through September: 8 AM – 7:30 PM

Park Operating Season:  March 1 to October 31



Comal Park

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Comal Park Rules

  • No drop-offs
  • No exit and re-entry
  • No walk-ins
  • No unaccompanied minors (Under age 16)
  • No glass
  • No Styrofoam
  • No Jello shots
  • All dogs on leash at all times
  • No Cascarones/ confetti egg
  • No personal charcoal grills
  • No Drones
  • Water shoes are recommended

Drone Video

A View From the Top

Take a tour of Comal Park and see for yourself why this park is special!

Drone footage captured by Clinton Mynier –

Comal Park Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the park entry fee?

A.  The rates to enter the park are listed below: 

  • $10 per vehicle for out of County visitors
  • $5 per vehicles with Comal County registration sticker  
  • Disabled Veteran (DV) License plates will be allowed free entry.

The only way to receive the $5 per car entry is to have a Comal County registration on the windshield, we will not be accepting drivers licenses or any other proof of residence for reduced entry. This is done in order to streamline the process of moving cars into the park and cut down on traffic backups onto the County roadways.

Q. What other rules should I be aware of?

A. We do not allow drones, overnight camping, metal detectors, RVs/campers , golf carts/ATVs, and buses.

Q. Is there a discounted rate seniors or an annual pass?

A. We have received and discussed requests to offer an annual pass and senior discounts, but that is not an option we will be offering for 2021. Any updates on this matter will be posted here.

Q. Why did WORD take over the park?

A. The Corps of Engineers is experiencing budget cuts to their recreation budget for Canyon Lake. Since WORD is a Parks District, it was logical for us to pursue a lease. There was a very real possibility that Park access could have been reduced or closed if a local partner had not been found to lease the park.

Q. Is the park open year-round?

A. WORD of Comal County will be extending the Comal Park operating season starting this year (2021). The Park will be open March 1 – October 31 every dayWe will reassess the need for and ability to be open for longer periods after this year and make a decision at that time. In the first year of operation (2020) the park season ran from April 1 – Sept, the same way the Corps had been operating. 

Q. Are propane grills allowed?

A. Yes, personal propane grills are allowed at the park, but not personal charcoal grills. You may also bring your own bag of charcoal and use one of the 60 grills on site.

Q. If I leave the park can I come back in for free?

A. No. Once you have left the park you will need to repay the entrance fee.

Q. Can I make a reservation for myself or family members? How do I reserve a picnic table?

A. Comal Park is a first-come, first-serve day-use facility. We do not take reservations for parking or picnic tables. You may not pay for someone in advance when you arrive at the park.

Q. Can I swap items or people with someone who is in the park?

A. No. You may not exchange items with someone inside the park.

Q. If I leave the park and return to a “Park Full” sign can I re-enter?

A. No. If you leave the park for any reason and we have reached capacity by the time you return, you will not be granted access to the park. Take all your belongings with you before you leave the park. Do not leave any people or items in the park.

Q. What does “Park Full” mean?

A. When we have reached capacity in the park no one will be granted access into the park. There will no longer be an option to wait. You must turn around if the park is full. This is done to avoid traffic backups on the roadways.

Q. Will my Corps / America the Beautiful pass be honored?

A. The Corps participated in a variety of annual passes for which they received revenue or were allocated tax dollars for. WORD has not and does not receive any of those dollars. So, WORD cannot honor any passes sold through America the Beautiful, Corps annual pass, or other means.

Q. Is there a playground in the park?

A. Yes!  WORD installed a new playground in 2020.

Q. What types of improvements is WORD making?

A. WORD has already extended and improved the swim beach area and added a sand beach section. A sand volleyball court, soccer goals, community grill areas, and washer pits have been added. Courtesy docks have been repaired, drainage improved, bathrooms repaired, and the entire park has been cleaned thoroughly. In 2021, there will be a new vendor area, and additional parking areas. Many future improvements are planned and will be announced as they are completed.

The frequency of Park trash cleanup has been tripled and crews are working to clean and trim the peninsula area. Trash bags will be handed out to all visitors and a zero tolerance policy on littering will be in place. Extra law enforcement patrols have been scheduled to keep all park visitors safe.

Comal Park Facebook Feed

We now offer Kayak and SUP rentals through Paddle Canyon Lake! Check out their booth inside the park for more information regarding rates and availability🚣 ... See MoreSee Less

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This is fantastic!

Is the water warm?

Jessica Aguilar

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Mira Selvia Herrera Matamoros rentan kayak hoy

We are open at 9 am and last rental must be back by 6:30 pm. 7 Days a Week Located just to the right of the swim beach. Check out our website for more information!

Mariana Guzman Gabriel Campos

Rene Tristan

Yvonne Ramones look this is where I been telling yall we need to go!

Toni Jean Pena let’s go! lol

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Shea Godina

Need some rain!

Amanda Ramirez Melanie Minjares Peter Ramirez

Rebecca Wall 😍


I'm so in with this place. In the am , it's so relaxing and peaceful. Everyone is always respectful.

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It's going to be a hot weekend☀️! We'd like to remind you that Comal Park is a first-come, first-served, day-use-only facility. If you plan on visiting us, we encourage you to review the "Frequently Asked Questions" section on our website (!

Check out this shot of our extended swim beach area. It is MASSIVE 🚣‍♀️🏊‍♂️☀️
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Entry fee?

Beautiful day today with only a few people on the water, prefect!

Would be great if we could purchase tickets (per vehicle) in advance , not a fan of 7am lake activity 😂

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Brianna Headley Sunday?

Adrian Vidal ahhhh can't wait

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Jen Pacheco need to check it out

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Yay!! Can’t wait!!

Rebecca Juarez Amanda Juarez 👀

Are you still limiting capacity?!

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Happy Easter weekend! While we love having Easter gatherings at the park, we do not enjoy the mess that comes with cascarónes (confetti eggs)! Please respect our park rules and leave your cascarónes (confetti eggs) at home ☀️ ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Check out our new park located on the northside of Canyon Lake! Canyon Park is a day-use-only park and has a sand and gravel swim beach area with a volleyball court and soccer goals (Swim Beach #1). Inside Canyon Park, there is a boat ramp and picnic sites available on a first-come-first-served basis. Come visit us!

Canyon Park on Canyon Lake
Canyon Park is open every day starting today! Day use only: the swim beach, boat ramp, and two of the loops in the main park are up and running! More information can be found at
... See MoreSee Less

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Angela L Arpero Guadalupe Chavez Yesenia Tello Abigail Garcia Raelynn Cruz ☀️

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Do you pay to get in????

Ada Rosas Saturday?

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Isaac Soto this the place i was talking about

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So, can you still camp here?

Nancy Contreras

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Estella Ortiz and Edward Lucas Gonzales Sr. Maybe we can try this area?

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Rebecca Wall 😁

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The Park is open for the season starting today! We’ve expanded the swim beach (it’s huge!) and re-done the sand beach section completely! ... See MoreSee Less

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Excelente, muy lindo....

See you soon Comal park ‼️‼️

I know 👀 I saw looks like SPRING BREAK ON THE LAKE👀👀

Yall dont even gotta tell texas twice lol when the sun comes out beware😂😂

Comal park it is waiting for us!!

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Do we have to wear 😷 ?


Billy Truesdale

Can u jet ski here?

Jessica Velasquez Robledo

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Contreras Ismael Amparo Cruz Aryanna Godina cuando vamos?

See you in July!

Pedro Medina

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Cassie Garcia. Its ready for us! 😁

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Please see below for our latest Comal Park update.
Visit our website for more information at
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Thank you!!!

Oh I can't wait!!!

Gabriel Renteria Sr. Look!

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Karthik Saranya comal opens in march 😀

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Marisa Cusenbary-Patteson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darleen when are we going?!?

Still no passes for locals? 👎👎👎

Alyssa Machac

That’s awesome news. Now if you could just sweeten the deal with a season pass, even if it was only good on weekdays.

Adrian Shearer

Henry Castillo


Pleeeee ase bring back the annual passes!!! 😍

Will you be operating at full capacity?

Stephanie Hernandez

Awesome! Now bring back the annual pass so the locals can actually use the park on a daily basis. At $10 , my family will only be able to go a couple times a month.

Escobar Castillo

Renee Ramirez Chave Rod yasssss!

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Tirsha Jessica Justt who is ready to set a date?! Lol

Alice Osowiecki this is it right?

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