Guadalupe River tubing

What’s Happening Now

2023 Community Development Grants Awarded

  • Canyon Lake Fire/EMS

    Wet Slip Rental: $11,433.00

  • Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful

    Cleanup Programs: $6,000

  • Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited

    Trout Stocking: $12,500
    Troutfest: $3,000

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife

    Canyon Lake Habitat Project: $4,923.62


2022 Community Development Grants Awarded

  • Canyon Lake Fire/EMS

    Wet Slip Rental: $10,635.84

  • Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful

    Cleanup Programs: $3,000

  • Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited

    Trout Stocking: $12,000

  • Troutfest: $3,000
  • Comal County Sheriff’s Office

  • Lowrance Unit: $3,250

    WaveRunner: $12,740

  • Bulverde Lions Club

    Upper River Cleanup Event: $2,000

  • Canyon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

    Advertising: $3,500


2021 Community Development Grants Awarded

  • Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited

    Trout Stocking: $10,000

  • Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful

    Community Organization: $3,000

  • Guadalupe River Association

    River Cleanup: $1,500

  • Canyon Lake Fire/EMS

    Wet Slip: $10,048.68

Get Involved!

WORD of Comal County works with a variety of non-profit organizations to provided environmental safety and awareness.


South Central Texas Water Safety Coalition (SCTWSC)

sctwc logoThe South Central Water Safety Coalition is located in Canyon Lake Texas, also known as the “Water Recreation Capital of Texas.” In our immediate area, we have two bodies of water, Canyon Lake and the Guadalupe River. But the region has several additional rivers, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico is just a couple hours away. If water safety is on your mind, you have to be concerned about our region. The South Central Texas Water Safety Coalition was founded in 2008 with the notion to help educate the public on water safety and prevent needless water related deaths.

Mission statement

The South Texas Water Safety Coalition seeks to improve water safety knowledge and practices among all recreationalists through education and awareness programs, outreach events, and inter-agency cooperation, cost and resource sharing. The goal of these programs is to reduce or eliminate water-related accidents and drownings within the region.


Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful (KCLB)


KCLB is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. Their mission is to educate and engage everyone about the responsibility of the environmental health of the community through: litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction. This community-led group of like minded folks is passionate about keeping Canyon Lake, the Guadalupe River, and roadways beautiful and clean!

KCLB hosts two annual community cleanups. One in the spring and another in the fall. Contact us for more information.

If you are currently picking up trash in the district or would like to start, stop by our office to pick up a FREE trash grabber and some mesh bags. We want to provide our community with the tools to help us keep the area clean! We appreciate all current members who take part in this project.

Report a Problem

To report an issue on the water or a business operating illegally in the District contact us.

Click here for the reporting form.


A Popular Fishing Destination

As the Water Recreation Capital of Texas, it is no surprise that Canyon Lake has become a popular fishing destination. WORD has partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife to stock 10,000 Black Crappie fingerlings into Canyon Lake on March 2021. This project will enhance the current crappie population and create an enjoyable fishing experience for all.


Guadalupe River Trout Stocking

Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks fish big enough every two to four weeks during summer and winter seasons. There should be a good supply of fish whenever you find time to visit!

For information click HERE.


Canyon Lake
Fish Attractor Project

The running conservation project by the Canyon Bass Club in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife, WORD, and the Army Corps of Engineers assembled, transported to boats, and distributed 21 fish attractors into the lake.

These artificial habitats mimic trees. They are placed underwater to attract most cover-seeking species like sunfish, crappie, and large-mouth bass. Sometimes big catfish will hide in the cover as well.

For specific coordinates click HERE.