Payment Resources

Types of WORD Tax

The Board may impose tax rates for the different types of services and different types of rental items, but none of the rates may exceed the maximum rate allowed by §324.099 Local Government Code. See the rates established by W.O.R.D.

Online Quarterly Tax Payment System

In order to pay online, businesses must first register with the activation key that was mailed out with 4th Quarter Tax Returns. If you did not receive one, email the WORD office at or call (830) 907-2300.

The processing fee to pay with a credit card is 2.4 percent, and payment by e-check is only $1.50. Businesses reporting zeros can also remit a tax form online.

Pay taxes now.

Permit Application Form

W.O.R.D. of Comal County Tax Permit Application. Please submit to P.O. Box 2789, Canyon Lake, TX 78133 or email

Quarterly Tax Return Form

W.O.R.D. of Comal County quarterly Tax Return Form. Please submit completed form by the due date listed below to P.O. Box 2789, Canyon Lake, TX 78133 or email

Tax Reporting Periods

W.O.R.D. of Comal County
P.O. Box 2789
Canyon Lake, TX 78133
(830) 907-2300
First Quarter
Jan. 1 – March 31
April 20
  • Late filing fee of $25 for all returns received or postmarked after the 20th.
  • 5 percent applies after the 20th.
  • 10 percent applies after the 20th of the following month and permit is revoked.
  • $250 permit reinstatement fee plus any penalties and interest.
Second Quarter
April 1 – June 30
July 20
Third Quarter
July 1 – Sept. 30
Oct. 20
Fourth Quarter
Oct. 1 – Dec. 31
Jan. 20