September 28, 2021

Contact: Mike Dussere, GM; (830) 907-2300;

WORD to cut Tax Rates by an average of 24%

At the September WORD Board of Directors meeting, the Board cut tax rates significantly.  All percentage-based rates will be reduced to 3% effective January 1, 2022. “The WORD Board, finding that it is collecting sufficient tax revenue to pay for the services being provided within the District, voted to cut tax rates and reduce total District revenue by an estimated 24%”, stated WORD Board President Jennifer Bretzke. “It is the responsibility of Government to reduce the tax burden on the people whenever possible.  We are pleased that tourism has grown within Comal County to the point that WORD is able to cut taxes and we believe that doing so will carry benefits to the visiting populace as well as local businesses which help drive the economy within Comal County”, per WORD GM, Mike Dussere. WORD tax rates had ranged between 3-5% for different taxable activities such as camping, lodging, lake rentals, etc. As of January 1st, all of those will be reduced to a flat 3%, in some cases a 40% tax reduction. WORD is a Special District authorized by the State Legislature in 1987 and voted into existence by the voters of Comal County in 1988.  WORD’s responsibilities include operating parks, improving the public health, safety, and welfare, and conservation of natural resources.  WORD’s funding is received through user fee taxes collected from visitors by tourism businesses. For a full list of tax rates affected, visit the Payment Resources tab or review this letter.