Our Mission

Our mission is to work toward a litter-free river, lake, and community by educating individuals and providing opportunities to reduce litter. Each component of our anti-litter campaign is a tool to help fulfill our mission. We hope by encouraging everyone to stash their trash we can Keep Comal County Clean!

How it Started

In 2019 WORD launched its first anti-litter campaign. We partnered with Eagle Scout, Jack Robinson, to create mesh bag receptacles at various locations throughout the District. As more and more people visited the area, WORD has added additional stations. Previously, the anti-litter campaign was implemented through a third party. We are now happy to announce that our anti-litter campaign is led completely with in-house staffing.

2020 was a crazy year for all of us. With government shutdowns, mask mandates, and a ban on tube rentals, WORD’s anti-litter campaign was unable to happen. Thankfully, we were able to resume in 2021. This season allowed us to make more connections with Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake visitors. We spread awareness on preserving these waterbodies by reminding visitors to “Stash Your Trash.” After a successful summer, we are extremely excited for this upcoming season. Make sure to say hello when you see us in our “Stash Your Trash” shirts!

Street Teams

We are excited to see you all in 2023! If you plan on visiting us this summer, you may be stopped by one of our street teamers! These individuals are trying to help you “Stash Your Trash” to win prizes! You may see them at the Horseshoe entrances and parks located on Canyon Lake.

Mesh Bag Stations
and Snark Signage

Continuous Efforts to Reduce Littering

WORD has several mesh bag stations located at various water recreation areas throughout the district. Here, visitors can grab a FREE mesh bag to “stash their trash” and reduce litter in popular areas of Comal County. The mesh bags list the river and lake laws in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, snark signage has been posted at popular locations to encourage visitors to be mindful and respectful of the natural resources by remembering to pack out their trash. These funny signs not only give visitors a laugh, they also remind visitors of the importance of keeping our rivers and lakes clean.

Next time that you are enjoying water recreation on the Guadalupe River or Canyon Lake, make sure that you are part of the solution and not part of the problem… and “Stash Your Trash!” Remember, you don’t want to be “that guy.”

This Year, You Can Make a Difference

Every summer at the Guadalupe River, hundreds of thousands of tubers make millions of beautiful memories but leave over 75,000 pounds of trash. Over $500,000 of WORD funds are spent on trash cleanup every year.

#STASHYOURTRASH and help us keep Comal County clean!

Aggies, Longhorns Join the Fight to Stash Trash

In this new promotional video, area Aggies and Longhorns set aside their decades-long differences to “Stash Your Trash,” a campaign aimed at tackling the growing problem of trash in Canyon Lake, the Guadalupe River, and along area roadways, parks and trails.


We Encourage Our Visitors To Use These Receptacles By Placing Cans, Boxes, And Other Recyclable Materials In These Containers! REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE.