Board Members

Doug Carver – President

Jennifer Bretzke – V. President

Lynn Lindsay – Secretary

Shane Wolf – Treasurer

Allen Bartram

Jim Green

Jean Robinson


Schedule of WORD Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Location: 1928 FM 2673, Canyon Lake, TX 78133.

Exceptions will be noted on the agenda.

2019 Board Meetings

This schedule is subject to change based on holidays and other circumstances. Please check our website for updates and changes.


January 16AgendaMinutes
February 13AgendaMinutes
March 5AgendaMinutes
April 17AgendaMinutes
May 15AgendaMinutes
June 19AgendaMinutes
July 17AgendaMinutes
August 21AgendaMinutes
September 18AgendaMinutes
October 4AgendaMinutes
October 16AgendaMinutes
November 8AgendaMinutes
November 20Agenda
December 18


2018 Board Meetings

January 17AgendaMinutes
February 21AgendaMinutes
March 21AgendaMinutes
May 16AgendaMinutes
June 20AgendaMinutes
July 18AgendaMinutes
August 15AgendaMinutes
September 19AgendaMinutes
October 17AgendaMinutes
November 28AgendaMinutes

2019 Annual Budget

To carry out the mandate, W.O.R.D. issues permits to water-related businesses allowing them to collect user fees from customers visiting the district. The majority of the collected fees are expended on services such as:

  • Regular clean-up efforts along the river, lake, and popular roadways.
  • Law enforcement and emergency medical services.
  • Contributions to local projects and organizations to promote and improve the district.
  • Community education and outreach programs to promote safe and responsible water recreation.
  • Public health and sanitation to include dumpsters and portable toilets for public use.

Click here for W.O.R.D.’s 2019 budget (PDF).