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Your Visitor Checklist

I’ve packed.


  • Sunscreen protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Remember your water trip can last a lot longer than planned, and the sun could be shining on you the entire time.

  • A life jacket for everyone getting on a water vessel. It is a Water Law that all water vessels must have a life jacket for everyone on board.
  • Water shoes don’t forget your water shoes! With unpredictable and rocky terrain, water shoes are an important piece of water safety equipment! Flip flops are not recommended on the river.

  • Water is essential! Once you’re on the river you will have little to no access to drinking water. Be prepared!

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of the Guadalupe River does the disposable container ban law apply?2024-04-08T14:14:23-05:00

The Disposable Container Ban (Can Ban) law applies to the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers inside New Braunfels City limits. This law DOES NOT apply to the part of the 30 miles of Guadalupe River inside the Water Oriented Recreation District.

What laws apply to the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake?2024-04-08T14:14:58-05:00

The following laws apply to the Guadalupe River in the unincorporated areas of Comal County.
NO: glass or foam products, plastic containers 5oz or less, littering, or trespassing. WORD ORDINANCES ARE SUBJECT TO A $500 FINE.

Where is the Guadalupe boundary for river laws in the City of New Braunfels?2024-04-08T14:15:38-05:00

On the Guadalupe River, the City of New Braunfels water laws begin at Gruene Bridge.

How long are the float trips on the river and where do I rent a tube or kayak?2024-04-08T14:16:15-05:00

Contact an outfitter for more detailed information about float trips. For a list of outfitters in the area, go to Visitor’s Guide.

Is the river high enough that I won’t have to walk?2024-04-08T14:16:55-05:00

This depends on the stretch of river you choose to float. Even during low flow periods, there are sections of the Guadalupe that are deep enough to float without walking. Contact an outfitter for more detailed information about float trips.

Where are parks located around the lake?2024-04-08T14:17:44-05:00

Most parks around the lake are owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Contact the Corps for a complete list of parks.

How do I find out which ramps are open and closed?2024-04-08T14:18:23-05:00

Each of the ramps close at different water levels. View and print a map of the boat ramps and closing elevations.

What is the WORD District?2024-04-08T14:19:00-05:00

WORD was created by the Texas Legislature in 1987 to collect fees from people that visit the area. The district includes most of the unincorporated portions of Comal County including 30+ miles of the Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake. See more information about WORD.

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